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NEWS! HM Land Registry selects  Blockchain Digital to deliver Corda Blockchain R&D Project 

The Problem We Solve

Government Services Built on Data Islands

 The UK Government is under growing pressure to improve the performance of public services while reducing costs. Services are under stress at a national and local level. The pressure to improve value being delivered to citizens while reducing operational costs continues to increase year on year. 

One significant area of cost and inefficiency is public sector infrastructure. This infrastructure has evolved incrementally over the years without consistent architectural design, characterised by siloed data stores and maintained independently by each public sector organisation. The redundant storing of common information provides resilience but gives rise to expensive and time-consuming duplication of processes in capturing, administering, and reconciling data on businesses, citizens and assets. Corda distributed applications can change this.  

Our Solution

Transforming public services with innovative Corda applications

Imagine a world where Public Service Organisations retained their existing decentralised business models (budgets, decision making processes, partners, value proposition and service design) yet optimise and synchronise locally and nationally to deliver human-centered public services. With the Corda Blockchain this is possible.

The promise of blockchain is to bring massive efficiencies, helping reduce costs and create new innovative services. Blockchain achieves this by enabling organisations to transact directly, share sensitive data, automate sector-wide workflows and exchange real value. 

Our Approach

Understanding the Potential

An organisation's blockchain journey begins with understanding blockchain technology and its potential. From government-wide conferences and evidence sessions to individual tailored service discoveries and training session, we help clients understand the potential of blockchain technology.

Service Design

Designing distributed applications on blockchain should not be any different to designing centralised applications -  both should start with user needs. Our tried and tested service design approach, based on the UK Governments GDS standards, ensures all activity is grounded in solving real-world user problems. 

Develop & Deploy

We are experts at developing enterprise-grade distributed applications and our agile methodology ensures we deliver results in weeks, not months.  

Memberships & Partnerships